The Iris Story

My very first ski build I cut my ski bases out with a pair of scissors in my apartment and paid a farmer ten dollars a night to work in his barn and use his air compressor. I was working as a ski tech at that time and only had about two hundred bucks to build a press, a mold, and buy ski materials. I rigged up the air compressor with a series of PVC pipes, valves, and vacuum switches to turn the compressor into a powerful venturi vacuum. The setup was ugly as most of the parts I pulled from the dump and the tools used to build the rig were slightly better than caveman tools. The night I pressed my first ski I nearly lost my finger and I ended up blowing power to not only the barn but the entire farm at two in the morning. The whole project was some serious redneck skier trash! BUT... the skis worked and I was hooked on ski building.  - Founder Eric Hegreness -5yrs ago




Iris skis has humble beginnings starting only as the musings of a ski tech in his apartment using what was available. Today Iris skis has a lab of tools dedicated to building beautiful high performance skis. We are still based out of Boulder Colorado crafting every ride from scratch. Learn More About Iris skis from Skiing Magazine: Ski Building 101 or follow on IG: @Iris_Skis